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Enjoy our fascinating hiking on the island, from mountain walks to coastal walks with 360º views.  We offer from easy hiking to more advanced levels. Mallorca has one of the best potentials for this activity. Come and join us, you will not forget the experience.


We will begin in the vertical world of Mallorca. Climbing on lime stone, with help and safety from our expert guides. This island is the idyllic place for climbing.There are thousands of climbing routes, for beginners and experts. We can also give you lessons which are available all year round.


Canyoning involves advancing through the bed of a ravine (river narrowed between large natural walls) crossing their slopes by using mixed techniques of rappelling/abseiling. On the inside or middle, we have to walk or swim through the canyon, climb down through rocks, sliding down waterfalls, jumping into deep pools and going through narrow gorges with crystal clear waters… We also give lessons for beginners and experts. The best months are from November to April.


Caving is an activity that will truly astonish you, discover the secrets of the interior of the earth, stalagmites, stalactites and impressive rock formations. An opportunity for commencing caving and as well sea caves with amazing lakes inside. We also give lessons all year round for beginners and experts.


We do both mountain biking and road biking. With the most incredible tracks and back roads you will be seeing and feeling a Mallorca you didn’t know existed! We do this with individual people and groups all year around.

    Multi  adventure,  parties & events

We organize events for kids, adults, companies… Building zip lines, archery, rope bridges, beach games, mountain adventure games.

    Team       Building

We organize events for small and large companies,doing things like beach games, mountain adventure games.


These are excursions by the coastline that combine cliff jumping, walking, adventure, swimming, deep water soloing (climbing), cracks, caves and snorkeling, cooling off in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea. Enjoy some of these refreshing and exciting activities. Anyone and everyone can have a go, beginner or not, let loose and have fun on the rocks and in the sea, staying cool with all the security guarantees.


Let us explore and see the island from the sea, kayaking along the spectacular high cliffs and gliding quickly between large rocks. Of course, with our local knowledge, we will take you to pristine beaches that are our best kept secret, often difficult to access from the shore. This is to be enjoyed in the summer months. Be part of a whole new experience!

  Sea Caving

We will be exploring the most unbelievable aquatic caves which we need to swim into to see what Mallorca is hiding under our feet! Incredible natural lakes, stalactites and stalagmites, columns and lots more. At times just to enter the cave we have to rappel/abseil down a cliff direct into the water. Something you will never forget.

   Deep       Water         Soloing

The cliffs of the Majorcan coastline are the most picturesque and beautiful places on the island. Cliffs that look like limestone balconies over the blue Mediterranean Sea, which captivates all our senses and leaves us feeling in touch with nature’s raw and stunning unspoiled beauty! These will be your cliffs to climb and explore. Anyone, beginner or not, will feel like having fun on these rocks and in the sea, with all the guarantees of safety and security, to greatly enjoy this wonderful moment. The best time of the year for deep water soloing is from May to October.


Let’s take you to check out what is in the Majorcan sea, snorkeling between and under rocks, see what fish and animal life we can discover under the water, exploring caves and of course learning the best techniques for snorkeling. The best period to do this is between May and October.

  Boat Trips

We can offer an incredible boat trip combined with water skiing, wake boarding, donut or just to be picked up from a hike, canyon or aquatic cave from the coastline. Come and enjoy a whole combination of activities in one day.